Topgolf Open in Naperville

Naperville's newest entertainment venue is now open. Topgolf Naperville features a state of the art facility.

Located at 3211 Odyssey Court, at the northwest corner of Route 59 and I-88, the new facility spans 65,000 square feet.

Guest at Topgolf Naperville can enjoy some it's many amenities including pool tables, shuffleboard, foosball, and an Xbox gaming system that guest can play for free. If you are hungry guest can grab a bite at their restaurant or enjoy a snack on their rooftop terrace.

The main attraction at Topgolf is the golf! Golfer's hit micro-chiped golf balls at targets scattered around the range. The closer the player hits his or her ball to a target the more points they are awarded. Topgolf appeals to all golfers and non-golfers alike because it's targets are placed at various distances allowing even the newest golfer's to compete with their friends.

Fees for Topgolf vary. During regular hours 1 hour of golf is $25 and increase to $45 an hour during peak times on Friday and Saturday. Topgolf Naperville is open from 9am-midnight on weekdays and 8am-2am on weekends. For more information visit

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